By: Elsie Ofori-Mensah

Blessed Day to us all, LORD, we THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER DAY.

As we set off from where we ended on our previous message, we ask the question again ” who are the older women” in Titus 2:3

We may be expecting to see “the older women” to be within a particular category in the body of Christ. We may be looking at women in some leadership positions in the Church, others may be looking at women who seem obviously devoted to God and His Work.

The women portrayed in these groups can qualify as “the older women” mentioned, yet, it goes beyond that, All women in Christ at every stage in our lives can serve in the capacity of the Older Women in another woman’s life. There is almost always a generation of younger women who need the help of an older Christian woman.

We are all always almost older than others, this means, there would be somebody out there who needs and desires someone older to teach her the good things of the LORD.
GOD may be calling you to teach the younger sisters in the LORD and you may be asking yourself, who LORD, me? YES, it is you. Are you in Christ Jesus, are you working to keep His way, then, YES the answer is YOU.

Before we take the step, you and I need to live up to what we intend to teach. Let us press on and respond to the HIGHER CALLING of the LORD.

Inspired by Elizabeth George’s A WOMAN’S HIGHER CALLING✨✨✨

Published by Kwaku P. Adjei

A writer whose aim is to raise leaders by touching their spirits with the truth to transform their souls.

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