Made Anew in CHRIST

In a few days, we celebrate the birth of Christ. It is a very remarkable day in the life of every Christian when we celebrate the birth of our Lord Christ Jesus. Not only is the day a memorable one, but it reflects on the gift and love of the Father for all mankind.

I watched a youtube video (link attached)as I retired to bed one evening about a young police officer who made a lot of difference in his area of patrol. One day he imparted the life of a convict who had stolen copper wires because he had a lot of debts to settle. Moved by compassion and the understanding that the young man will increase his debt after serving time and is most likely to resort back to stealing, he took to the social media to raise funds to pay off the debts of the guy. Thankfully, he got people to support his mission and the young convict’s debt was paid off. Breaking down in tears, the young man did not understand what a young “white” police man will do a young “black” convict in a racially prone district. He got our of prison with his debt paid and a new life to live, having learnt a lot from his experiences and the opportunities to make money and stay out of debt.

This is nothing compared to what God did for us. We were nothing to write home about. In sin, we were lost and helpless; as Gentiles we were not Abraham’s seed to enjoy God’s promises. But God, rich in mercy and Grace paid for all the debt we owed through the death of Christ on the cross and made us part of His holy family through the Holy Spirit. Today we have every boldness to call his Father because He saved us out of love and his richness in grace and not out of any good we did. As a result, Paul says that:

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

The entire book of Ephesians reveals to us what we have been made in Christ Jesus. As we celebrate the birth of Christ, let us spend time to reflect on what God has made us to be through Christ Jesus. His birth in the fullness of time was God’s set time to unveil His love and eternal plan for man. This cannot be expressed by human words, but can only be revealed by the Holy Spirit as we meditate on it.

God bless and remain a blessing. Enjoy your day to the fullest.


Thank you Father for your word I have received today. Thank you for your love that transcends my human understanding. I am grateful for you sacrifice of Christ to gain my freedom and add me to Your holy family. I pray that you will enlighten the eyes of my understanding that I will comprehend the mystery of your love for me and humanity at large. Thank you for all I have received from your richness of grace. In the name of Christ Jesus have we prayed. AMEN!!!

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A writer whose aim is to raise leaders by touching their spirits with the truth to transform their souls.

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