Change the narrative (Part 5)

In the face of obstacles and challenges, our determination to fight through our obstacles opens the door we have always sought for. The breakthroughs may not be dumped at our doorsteps. We may have to reach out by faith. In yesterday’s edition, we started discussing the instances where we have to make the move (EpisodeContinue reading “Change the narrative (Part 5)”


Welcome to this episode. In the case you missed out on the two previous episodes, kindly check up on them (Part 1 & Part 2). Today we look at another story that encourages us to change the narrative of the discourse of our lives. I present to you Rahab, from the Bible. Yes, the prostituteContinue reading “CHANGE THE NARRATIVE (PART 3)”


Everyone has a story to tell, actually. It may be that your story is not out there yet. Every now and then, the television stations are rushing after news (someone’s narrative). It will interest you to note that there is no single day without a news. Afterall, someone story will be told. Let me makeContinue reading “CHANGE THE NARRATIVE (PART 2)”


Everyone is tagged with something, one way or another. The narrative may be our (dis) abilities, character (flaws/good), family name, etc that may be written about us. Upon one’s death, we write a narrative of the dead person through his biography. As much as possible, the person is given good credits as a final honor.Continue reading “CHANGE THE NARRATIVE”


Relationships are the provisions God has made for man to fulfill His purpose on Earth. Relationships are mutual beneficial arrangements, some divinely orchestrated, that reveals a man’s course of action and provides direction. I was listening to an interview on Facebook one morning, and it actually got me thinking. In this interview, a man foundContinue reading “HOW TO DEAL WITH A “RUTH””