Prerequisite for abundance (Part 4)

The series is getting interesting by the day. I do hope you have read the first three parts: Part One, part two and part three. We have been discussing some essential elements to take note if you want to see abundance amidst the scarcity you have. Many a times we want our situations to changeContinue reading “Prerequisite for abundance (Part 4)”

Prerequisite for abundance (Part 2)

Some weeks ago, we started discussing the prerequisites for having abundance. The first point we said was that you need to identify your needs and not wants. You can read the post here. Today we will move to the second point. 2. Identify your resources Elisha replied to her, “How can I help you? TellContinue reading “Prerequisite for abundance (Part 2)”

The pillar of science and technology

Many inventions in recent years has emphasized the importance of science and technology. Transportation, health, communication, agriculture has been improved because men and women have been gifted with the grace to make these inventions. Just as we have noted, every invention has its purpose to serve, but there is an underlying Kingdom that it seeksContinue reading “The pillar of science and technology”

The Pillar of religion

The world and its systems are being controlled by the predominant religious systems. Although it has been relegated to its own domain, its influence on the decisions and lives of people can never be underestimated. Through the enthusiasm for the teachings from many religious sects, lots of community developments as well as catastrophes have occured.Continue reading “The Pillar of religion”

The Pillar of Arts and Entertainment

The increase of media outlets and advancements in technology has advanced the scope and impact of the art and entertainment industry. Movies and music of various genres are every now and then released, and the actors and the other important contributors in the industry have become centres of attraction, impacting and influencing their viewers inContinue reading “The Pillar of Arts and Entertainment”

The Pillar of Business

No organisation runs on an empty corfex. The world as we see it is run by some selected few with enormous amount of riches. Owning various companies, they have become forces that dictate the state of affairs in most nations. Throughout history, we can name a few interventions by government and its state authorities toContinue reading “The Pillar of Business”

The Pillar of Media

Everyone with a message needs a channel to voice it out. Irrespective of the obstacles they may be facing, they deem it a responsibility to let their message reach its targeted audience. In this era of technology, the impact of social media on the youth can never be overemphasized. In a survey of teens, aboutContinue reading “The Pillar of Media”

The Pillar of Governance

Let’s take the pillars of the kingdom (as listed here) one after the other. We begin with the pillar of governance and politics. God’s interest in the politics and governance of any nation can never be underestimated. All through scripture, the imprint of politics and its effect on the people in the nation has beenContinue reading “The Pillar of Governance”